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Assorted Outreach Ideas

Regardless of the season or holiday, there are always random ways that you can love on the community around you! Here's a few of our favorite ways that you can serve the people around you:

1. Notes & Care Bags for Emergency Personnel

  • Create goodie bags for all of your local emergency personnel - your firefighters, police men/women, EMT responders, etc. Here's some things you can include inside:

  • Trail mix

  • Protein bars

  • Special drinks (Gatorade, Izze sodas, La Croix, etc.)

  • Meat sticks

  • Cookies & candy bars

  • Crackers & chips

  • Kind notes

2. Serve at Local Food Bank

  • No matter the time of the year, food banks are always looking for people to serve the homeless and hungry in the community. Call your local food bank and sign up to serve meals, sort dry goods, and/or donate canned goods!

3. Pay for Someone's Coffee or Meal

  • We all end up at the drive-thru sometime or another! Next time you find yourself in line for your food or coffee, offer to pay for the car behind you. This always surprises the person behind you, makes their day, and usually starts a trend of others doing the same!

4. Visit Senior Care Facilities

  • Visit your local senior care facility! Care for the residents by spending time talking with them, playing games, and for the women, doing their nails. They usually always love having visitors!