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Ongoing Initiative

Notes for Evergreen Elementary snacks!

We are collecting encouraging notes to attach to the snacks we are delivering to the classes at Evergreen Elementary school!

Our goal is to provide  175 children with a snack and note every day at school for the entire month- that's 3500 snacks & notes! We will be doing this every month so we need a LOT of participation! 

*Notes should be small like a post-it note size or flashcard size.

*For ages PreK to 4th grade

Note ideas: 

*encouragement (Example: "you're great!")
*appropriate jokes 
*colorful drawings
*stickers and fun shapes

Get creative!

You can drop off notes at the Strand offices (upstairs) Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm.


120 2nd Street East Kalispell, MT 59901