Thu, Feb 07
Thu, Feb 14
Ongoing Initiative

Valentine's for local businesses!

Put a smile on your favorite business owners and staff faces this Valentine's day with a fun activity for the whole family!

What you'll need:

   - Small jars with lids or small plastic containers with lids
   - Large bag(s) of Valentine themed m&ms, starbursts, or other candy
   - Store bought Valentine card pack (like students give to each other at school) or make them homemade!
   - Ribbon of red/white/pink
   - Hole punch 

Assemble the candy into the jars and put lid on top. Fill out the Valentine's cards then using the hole punch place a hole at one of the top corners. Thread ribbon through the hole and attach to the jars!

This is an easy fun project!

Have fun dropping these off at a local business or businesses of your choice!