Thu, Feb 07
Thu, Feb 14
Event Idea

Valentine's for local soup kitchens

Put a smile on a hungry persons face this Valentine's day with a fun activity for the whole family!

What you'll need:

   - Small jars with lids or small plastic containers with lids
   - Large bag(s) of Valentine themed m&ms, starbursts, or other candy
   - Store bought Valentine card pack (like students give to each other at school) or make them homemade!
   - Ribbon of red/white/pink
   - Hole punch 

Assemble the candy into the jars and put lid on top. Fill out the Valentine's cards then using the hole punch place a hole at one of the top corners. Thread ribbon through the hole and attach to the jars!

This is an easy fun project!

Contact your local soup kitchen to see when the best time to drop off those off is!