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Winter Outreach Ideas

With colder weather comes incredible need in our communities. Below you'll find some of our favorite ways to make a positive impact for our communities during the winter months!

1. Make homemade blankets and donate to an organization that serves homeless.
There are amazing people who live in your city who are in circumstances that lead to either temporary or extended homelessness. It may seem small, but a blanket can be a difference maker for someone sleeping in a shelter or worse, exposed to the elements. This is a great way to involve the whole family and talk about compassion while building a blanket!

  • A very simple and fun way to do this is by making what's called a no-sew blanket.

  • Purchase fleece (any pattern or solid combo you'd like!) at your local fabric store. For a lap blanket or baby blanket two pieces at 1 yard will be great, 3 yards for a larger blanket.

  • Lay both pieces on top of each other and line them up evenly.

  • Next, cut a 2"x2" (or 5"x5" for bigger blankets) square out of each corner.

  • Next, start making the fringe along each edge by cutting strips 1'-2' wide and about 6' long,

  • Now you'll begin tying these fringes into knots by taking a front and matching back piece and tying them together. Careful not to tie them too tight and bunch the blanket.

  • Contact your favorite homeless serving organization about a great time to drop these off!

2. Donate non-perishables & toiletry items to your local Food Bank
Food banks are incredible for all they do for those who are hungry and needing assistance in our communities. Support and be a part of their efforts by giving them more food and toiletry items to give out!
ideas of what you can drop off:

  • Canned fruit and vegetables (with easy pop top)

  • Canned soups, stews, and ready to eat meals (with easy pop top)

  • Tuna

  • Granola bars

  • Applesauce pouches

  • Tooth brushes, tooth paste

  • Shampoo

  • Deodorant

  • Feminie hygiene items

2. Donate food items to your local Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchens are amazing in that they provide healthy, warm meals to our community. An incredible way to support them is buy picking up extra food items on your grocery trip and then donating them.


ideas of what you can donate:

  • Dry pasta or rice

  • Bulk cans of fruit or vegetables

  • Meats

  • Coffee, creamers, sugar, etc.

  • Bread

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Salad dressings

  • Tea or lemonade mixes

3. Serve at your local Soup Kitchen!


This is an incredible way to get involved with supporting our soup kitchens but also a rewarding opportunity to invest time and love into people who could use some authentic friendship over a meal.


Send an email or give a call to your soup kitchen to get signed up! This is a great opportunity for families and small groups.

4. Shoveling Snow for your neighbors


Shoveling snow can be an exhaustive and time consuming task. Your neighbors would really appreciate our kindness in not just shoveling our  own walkways and paths, but taking care of theres as well. 


This would be a fun event for students to do together! Maybe even cover an entire block!

5. Start a Warm Clothing Drive!


The cold months of the year are difficult for people who are unable to purchase new winter items. A generous way to get involved is by starting a Warm Clothing Drive where you and your friends or small group collect new winter clothes to donate to a local organization that distributes these,


Items to purchase and donate could be:

  • Warm hats and beanies 

  • Gloves

  • Socks

  • Boots

  • Winter coats

  • Scarves

Great organizations to reach out to for donating are homeless shelters, women & children shelters, and organizations that serve families in crisis.