How It Works

We would be honored to partner with you to help you achieve your current and future goals. There is an application process to become an outreach partner. Once completed, the Fresh Life Outreach team will review the application to ensure your organization is the best fit for a partnership.

Fresh Life Church commits to:
  • Volunteers serving your organization frequently
  • Form a relationship where you are able to rely on us
  • Promote your organization in our Fresh Life Groups, on our social media accounts, and video elements on our church weekends.
  • Serving as many hours with as many volunteers as possible during our annual week long event: Rock This City
The partner organization commits to:
  • A willingness to engage the volunteers at Fresh Life Church
  • Having quarterly meetings with Fresh Life representative
  • Keep us updated with metrics involving Fresh Life volunteers
  • Preparing material for promotions (social media captions, informative video scripts, etc.)

Rock This City

We serve our communities throughout the entire year by partnering with local non profit organizations through our Fresh Life Groups and utilizing our *Outreach website to post serving opportunities. We launch each new year of our outreach initiative in the summer with a concentrated week long event we call Rock This City. This is one of the most exciting times for our church as we intentionally serve every city where we have a Fresh Life location by coming together as an entire church to love, serve, and build our communities. This is a rapid fire event where we send out large quantities of volunteers to serve as many hours in their communities as possible. This is the perfect time for us to come alongside your organization to help with a building project, cleaning, maintenance, food service, admin work, anything you need!

Grant Program / Application

We want to build a durable accountability and relationship with your organization. In order to build that we see the need and benefit of creating a best practice and process for choosing the organizations we partner with. This is why we created our grant program. We want to be involved in a true partnership where we work together to increase the impact of your organization, love and build our cities, and by acts of service reach those stranded in sin to find life in liberty in Jesus Christ.

Each year we will open our Fresh Life Outreach Partnership & Grant Program Application in conjunction with our Rock This City week. This application is for applying to be an Outreach Partner with Fresh Life Church for the duration of one year. It is the tool we will use to learn more about the vision of your organization, if we are a great fit for each other, and how we can best partner with you. At Fresh Life we love and look forward to being generous givers. We value the opportunity we have to invest and make an impact in our communities. Partnership with us is also how you will have the opportunity to be a recipient for one or both of our annual monetary gifts. You will see questions pertaining to both on the application.

Apply Here